kruchem research
Thomas Kruchem


How do disadvantaged, marginalized and threatened people worldwide cope with existential crises?

Against the background of this central question, kruchem research deals with numerous topics related to human rights violations, health, nutrition, environmental and climate protection, socio-economic justice as well as conflicts of interest and abuse of power in international organizations. We are also dealing intensively with the challenges and dangers of digitization for the general population in industrialized and developing countries.

The topics are defined and worked on on our own initiative or on order.


On the basis of investigative research, research trips (during which audio and visual material is collected), interviews and literature study, kruchem research provides the following services:

radio broadcasts for public broadcasting corporations.

articles for traditional and online published newspapers, magazines, and trade journals.

specialist books for a wide audience.

lectures at institutions of political education such as adult education centres, state offices for political education, church institutions, schools and other civil society organizations.

advice in educational and information work and on the development of credible concepts of corporate social responsibility. Such advice is strictly separated from all journalistic work.